Monday, December 01, 2008

Dump Harper Government - Welcome War Resisters


The Coos Bay Thunder Pot said...

Is it not the U.S. military that preserves your right to express an opinion and protest, and lets you carry on whatever it is you do?

If "more soldiers say no" then which country will invade and enslave us? Or are countries other than the U.S. just nice people and we have completely misunderstood the Communist and Muslim countries' good intentions?

Are you advocating that U.S. citizens be randomly lined up and shot while flicking prayer beads within this peace-nik global prayer effort you speak of?

Cornelia said...

No worries, the personnel shortage is due to still not getting out of Iraq (though the war is deeply unpopular and should never have been begun first thing. It's also a huge waste of money, it's extremely expensive and the money could better be used for helping the poor!) and due to the violations of the Geneva Conventions!