Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Kimberly Rivera and Family Ordered to Leave Canada

War Resister Kimberley Rivera & Family ordered to leave CanadaKimberley Rivera, along with her husband and three young children, have been told that they must leave Canada by January 27 or face removal to the United States.Kimberley served in Iraq in 2006. In 2007 she refused redeployment and became the first female U.S. Iraq war resister to come to Canada. She lives now in Toronto with her husband Mario, son Christian (6 years), daughter Rebecca (4 years), and newborn Canadian daughter Katie (6 weeks). Her experience in Iraq was a huge awakening and convinced Kimberley that the war was immoral and that she could not participate in it.

"Coming to Canada began a new chapter filled with opportunities and hope for my family. I am just glad I get to be a mom again," said Rivera.Despite a June 2008 Parliamentary motion supporting war resisters, the Harper government continues its policy of deporting them. In July 2008, war resister Robin Long was deported from British Columbia and punished with 15 months in jail, separating him from his wife and infant son, and a felony conviction that will cause him lifelong hardship.
URGENT ACTION - please take a few minutes to show your support for Kimberly Rivera and the other war resisters threatened with deportation. Call or email Minister of Immigration and Citizenship Jason Kenney today and ask him to:
STOP deportation proceedings against U.S. Iraq war resister Kimberley Rivera and her family; and
IMPLEMENT the motion adopted by Canada's Parliament to allow U.S. Iraq war resisters to apply for permanent resident status.
Here are the numbers to call:
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney
Call 613.954.1064
MP Jason Kenney's Parliamentary office: 613.992.2235
Please cc the opposition party critics if you email Jason Kenney:
Liberal party immigration critic Borys Wrzesnewskyj:
NDP immigration critic Olivia Chow:
Bloc Québécois immigration critic Thierry St-Cyr:
And please also send a copy to the War Resisters Support Campaign,


Anonymous said...

Are the gone yet? Hooray if they are!

Anonymous said...

As if Canada needed another reason to be hated. Wake up and kick these pussies out of your country and send them back to the U.S. They deserve a hell of a lot more than jail time. Fuck them and "FUCK CANADA" for even entertaining the idea of assylum for these chickenshits.

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