Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kevin Benderman - Prisoner of War

Kevin with fellow conscientious objectors Aidan Delgado (left) and Camilo Mejía (right) on the day of the Court-Martial, July 29, 2005. Photo credit: Maritza Mejía, distributed by www.bendermandefense.org. For more pictures, click here.


indianabob said...

Best of luck to you. You guys are real patriots, and I admire your courage.

I am going to visit your website so I may be able to find ways to help.

Stay strong, I know what you are doing is not easy.

Anonymous said...

so why do you protest this war we need to fight.

Tresy said...

And you are posting from where in Iraq, anonymous? What's that you say? By "we," you don't mean yourself? I see.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you indian bob a real patriot fights and lives up to his contract. Only a pussy runs

Sue said...

Last time I checked, the United States was a country of democracy and choice. The choice to fight or to stand up and oppose a President with an agenda. To the likes of Kevin and others who have the guts, it is people like you, that will force this country to regain its integrity!


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