Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Welcome to Soldier Say No!

The purpose of this blog is to educate ourselves about the rights and responsibilities of soldiers under international law. Our archived website is at SoldierSayNo.org. This is our blog. This webpage will be updated on a regular basis. We welcome your participation.


Sonya said...
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Shelley said...

What is going on here?
You are not patriots!
Real patriots and real Americans support the President and support the Troops! You are supporting the terrorists, that's it! Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Shelley, you are trying to heap guilt on a Real Patriot. We need to support the troops who have faced war at the behest of the real enemy - Our President, the most manipulative man in the world. True freedom is being able to bring opposing viewpoints and criticism to government policies - WITHOUT FEAR OF BEING TARGETED AS A TRAITOR. This is the line of reason that our treasonous president laid out to get the mass of sheeple quieted down. Why not, it worked wonderfully before when citizens lost the control of their country slowly at first, then more quickly, until it was too late. No questions allowed. To merely ask and question policies these days is an act of bravery. It shouldn't be. If I'm afraid to object to blind acquiesence of presidential usurption of powers, I can only be in complete awe of the bravery demonstrated by these men whom you dismiss so easily. Please, at least look at things with some independent thinking. Its too easy to let people make all the decisions for you and not see behind the spin. The spin is there to make you dizzy and lose your bearings. Yes, with the right spin an entire country can lose their bearings. I'm 54. I was a Republican until the age of 48. Now I'm Independent. (I learned slowly, and these are no longer the Republicans that governed before). I'm betting you're less than half my age. I saw America through it's peak. Now I know it's done for. We've progressed from a Democracy through to a Corpocracy. Please look at history. Think for yourselves. Don't swallow everything handed out to you with the threat that if you don't accept it, that you are a traitor and should be ashamed. We are entering the threshold where 'Papers, bitte' is at hand.

PFC "SKI" USAR said...

The Duty of member of the US military is to do his or her duty. Its that easy. If you join the military you should know that you can be killed, sounds easy but it seems that some join the military to pay off moneys form school or join for the wrong reason. You cant choose when you want to fight and when not to, you TAKE ORDERS, DO YOUR JOB and without question. The news has lied and twisted events in this war, funny how the news cut 3/4 of its coverage of the war after the elections. They show burning Hummers even when the news is good! I knew a few people in the military who said they were in it to pay off school loans and that they would never goto war, looks like they have a webpage now. People, this is the truth, the mission is sound, our military supports this war! COWARDS will try to blame everyone but themselfs! Check your History, if we didnt have help during our revolution we would still have a KING, South Korea would be like N. Korea starving its people.THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE MADE THIS PAGE HAVE FORSAKEN THE ALLEGIANCE TO AMERICA. I know of a few groups that may take the owners of this webpage to court, this might be seen as treason.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone that supports these kind of people and this website burn in HELL. I served two tours in Iraq. I didnt run to canada like a little bitch. I would NEVER speak out against my brothers in arms. Your fuckin people make me sick. The hardest part of coming back was hearing about this web site and seeing for my self that Americans that enjoy the freedom that I personally defended speak out against me like this. This is a personal attack on every man and woman that has ever served in the military. I wish I had my weapon right now so I could end your worthless lives. I tell you fuckin losers what when you cam tell me what Iraq smell like I will listen to your bullshit. When you can tell me what 140 degrees feels like I will listen to your bullshit. When you ignorant fuckers can tell me what it feels like to say good bye to all that you hold dear for what might be the last time then I will listen to you. To those of you that support these losers FUCK YOU. Maybe you should pack up and move out of this country. See what its like in a place where you dont have the right to speak out against the military. I wish bad karma on all the supporters of this web site. I hope your children die horrible painful deaths. I hope your loved ones take a bullet in thier fuckin face. I HATE ALL OF YOU. Oh by the way your welcome for your freedom. If I ever get called back I will proudly put my uniform back on and serve MY country proudly no questions asked. FUCK YOU KYLE!!! Iknow my comment will be removed but at least someone had to read it. If I have to listen to this kind of bullshit everyday from you kind of fuckin cowards then leave my comment for the general public to read and let them decide. God bless America and all her troops

Cornelia said...

Do you really believe that verbally abusing and bullying people and doing wrong in the name of America does her credit?! Are you so clueless and so authoritarian-conservative Republican???
Gerry, great page and kudo!!!

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