Saturday, September 20, 2008

When Refusing to Kill Has a Higher Sentence than Murder

by Ann Wright

Read this important article by Col. Ann Wright.

And redouble your efforts to defend Jeremy Hinzman and all war resisters.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Robin Long is moved from Colorado to Miramar Naval Brig to do sentence

By jmb | September 6, 2008

Robin Long, the US soldier to be forcibly deported (in all practical terms extradited) from Canada, after previously fleeing to Canada to resist war, has been moved from the Criminal Justice Center (aka El Paso County jail) in Colorado Springs, CO. He is now being held at the:

Miramar Naval Consolidated Brig in San Diego, CA

An aerial photo of the facility can be seen here

Robin would love mail from supporters. It can be sent to him at:

PO BOX 452136
SAN DIEGO, CA 92145-2136

More info on mail, visitation, etc. can be found on the Miramar website

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Friday, September 05, 2008

War Resister Update

International Radio Program Features U.S. War Resisters in Canada

In its weekly show on September 5, he radio program, Soundprint, produced by WAMU public radio in Washington, DC, focused on U.S. war resisters in Canada. The half-hour show, called Something’s Happening Here, was produced by Bob Carly of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It features interviews with Iraq War resister Jeremy Hinzman, war resister lawyer Jeffry House, Vietnam War resisters Bill King and his wife Kris, among others.

This show is quite interesting from a historical point of view and well worth listening to. But it is apparently an older documentary, surprisingly out-of-date. It makes no mention of the recent deportation of war resister Robin Long or the threatened deportation of Jeremy Hinzman and his family.

The Soundprint website includes links to books by Vietnam War resisters Dick Perrin and John Hagan. It also links to the website of the War Resisters Support Campaign. Links are also provided to websites purported to be those of Iraq War resisters Jeremy Hinzman and Brandon Hughey. However, this is does not appear to be Hinzman’s website, but rather a domain name up for sale. And in the case of Brandon Hughey’s old website,
Google Ads has generously placed recruitment ads for the U.S. Army. Go figure….'s+Happening+Here/

Good News for Corey Glass

Corey Glass, Iraq War veteran and resister, has married his Canadian sweetheart. And he has been given “leave to appeal” negative decisions made in his Pre-Removal Risk Assessment and the denial of his request to immigrate to Canada on “humanitarian and compassionate” grounds. Glass was on the verge of being deported from Canada in early July. It is hoped that Jeremy Hinzman and family, who have been ordered to leave Canada by September 23 or face deportation, will also be allowed to appeal negative decisions against them.

Stop the Deportations! -- Pan-Canadian Day of Action

In the meantime, the War Resisters Support Campaign is gearing up for a Pan-Canadian Day of Action on September 13, to press the Canadian government to respect the will of the Canadian people and Parliament by allowing U.S. war resisters to immigrate to Canada. To see the impressive list of participating cities, go to

Now is the time to do all we can to stop these pending deportations and to press the Canadian government to provide sanctuary for U.S. war resisters. There is plenty that people in both Canada and the U.S. can do. While the battle is in Canada, it is important that the Canadian government know that people in the U.S. support the war resisters and want an end to all deportation proceedings. See

Screen War Resister Film Breaking Ranks

In conjunction with the Pan-Canadian Day or Action, filmmaker Michelle Mason is arranging showings of her award winning film, Breaking Ranks, an in-depth look at four Iraq War resisters in Canada, including Jeremy Hinzman who is now fighting the prospect of imminent deportation. September 14 showings of Breaking Ranks are taking place in cities across Canada. For more information, contact Michelle Mason at If you would like to arrange a showing with a speaker in the U.S., contact Gerry Condon at

Robin Long Speaks

Robin Long, the first (and hopefully the last) Iraq War resister to be deported by the Conservative government of Canada, has been sentenced to 15 months n a military prison and a Dishonorable Discharge. For more information, and to hear his post-sentencing interview with Courage To Resist, go to

Will Pending Federal Election in Canada Help War Resisters?

The Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to dissolve the Parliament in the coming days, paving the way for a federal election in Canada. With 64% of the Canadian people wanting to provide sanctuary for U.S. war resisters, this could become a significant issue in the campaign, along with the fact that the Conservatives have defied the will of the Parliament.

But many Canadians consider the Liberal Party leadership to be weak, and the Conservatives have, unfortunately, gained some legitimacy as a credible ruling party. And, while left and liberal forces are divided among four parties, conservatives are now united in a single party. Political pundits in Canada think the outcome of the election is a toss-up. But the possibility of another minority Conservative government looms large. Hopefully this outcome, or worse – a Conservative majority government – can be averted. At any rate, now is the time for all those who support U.S. war resisters to be making a whole lot of noise.

Support for War Resisters is Growing in the U.S.

Support for war resisters in the United States is growing, due in no small part to the leadership of Courage To Resist, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans For Peace, and others. The Campus Antiwar Network carried a large banner reading Support War Resisters in a recent protest march at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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